Trauma Therapy

Something terrible happened to you.

Maybe it happened last week.  Maybe it happened last month or even years ago.  It doesn’t matter.

The day it happened is undeniably etched in your mind, and you can’t get it out.  You remember.  You see it, hear it, feel, smell, touch it every single time.  And you’re so afraid…and angry.

People don’t understand.

Your friends and family may have been more understanding when it first happened, but now they just want to know why you just can’t get over it. (Sometimes you wonder what’s wrong with you, too.)

Nothing is wrong with you.

Your behaviors and emotions are only calling awareness to what needs your attention and healing.  Yes, something bad happened.  It did, and it hurt you terribly.

But you are not there now.  You are not the same person.  You are not helpless!  Our work together can show you that you can be safe now.

You can stop living in the cage of “what happened” and move forward into “what I choose.”


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In the darkest of times, hope rises like the morning sun.
Not because the darkness has broken, but to break the darkness.
Not because times have changed, but to change the times.
The human heart instinctively, insistently, incessantly
seeks the light of hope even when all else is lost in the darkness.
That is how humanity survives inhumanity.

~L.R. Knost