Grief Therapy

Grief is such an intensely personal experience.

No one can tell you how or what to feel, what to do.  No one knows what the right thing is for you simply because no one had the relationship, the connection you had to the one who is lost to you.

Anything and everything that comes up with a death is right and normal for you.

Let it come.  Let it all come.  Allow grief to move through you.  Grief and loss are not problems to be solved.

I can safely hold you in whatever comes up for you.

I have experienced the death of my son and of my daughter.  I know what it’s like to have death in my life.  I know how it feels to drown under an ocean of pain and tread water – and have it be ‘just enough,’ and then do the same thing the moment your eyes open the next day.

I know the darkness of depression and fear.  But I also know what it is to have someone reach out to you, to listen, to understand.

I know what it is to breathe again, laugh again, and live again.  Because I have known great sorrow, and I have known great joy.

This experience with loss, for me, placed an even greater importance on compassion and the belief that people who are resilient in the face of trauma have a responsibility to those that come after.

I can help you through loss.


Couples or Families Experiencing Grief

Do you stay together? Do you separate? Divorce?

Sometimes you think you need to stay together for the sake of the family, for your lost child.  You can’t do that to your child.  Other times, you don’t know how you’ll stay.  You feel more alone than ever.

Couples counseling can help you to answer the question of how to move forward, whether that means alone or together.

Or maybe it is your family that is needing a way to come back together after a death, to learn just how to be a family again even with a vital member gone.

I can help navigate you to your next best step forward.

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I work with individuals who are dealing with grief and loss.  I also work with couples who have experienced the loss of a child.


When you meet someone deep in grief 
Slip off your needs 
and set them by the door. 
Enter barefoot 
this darkened chapel 
hollowed by loss 
hallowed by sorrow 
its gray stone walls and floor. 

You, congregation of one 
are here to listen 
not to sing. 

Kneel, in the back pew. 
Make no sound, 
let the candles speak. 

~Patricia McKernon Runkle